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US patent granted

Aloxy is happy to announce its US patent is granted for the Aloxy valve position sensor. The patent is known under US patent number Pat. 11,236,843.

The Aloxy valve position sensor monitors the position of a manual valve. It indicates if the valve is positioned in an open, a closed, or an intermediate state. The sensor is battery operated and communicates the position wirelessly when the valve is manipulated or on a set interval which can be configured to the needs of the customer.

The movement and calculation of the position is done based on data from the device’s inertial sensors, e.g.,magnetometer.  Since the Earth's magnetic field is omnipresent, no reference is needed, thus the device may be installed in a straight forward manner and is immediately ready for use.

The sensor is mounted directly to the hand wheel or lever and there is no need to disassemble the valve and/or its stem. Furthermore, there are no restrictions on the type of valve and no customized brackets or alignment with reference points are required to install the sensor.