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Aloxy partners with MultiTech

Aloxy partnered with MultiTech to create a multiple radio technology gateway for the chemical and Oil & Gas industry Opening or shutting a valve seems like a straightforward task, until that valve is placed in an industrial environment, surrounded by chemicals, machinery, high pressure and dangerous gasses. In such an environment, making a mistake can [read more]

LPWAN vs WirelessHART

At Aloxy, we get frequently asked about the differences between different wireless network technologies. There are a lot of different technologies available and some are very comparable where others differ a lot. The technologies that are different have unique characteristics which makes them suiteble for certain applications. The concept of Industry 4.0 includes both Internet [read more]

Maintenance application for valve positioning

Application sheet: valve positioning during maintenance A typical chemical or oil & gas company has various use cases for manual valve positioning that can be made economical viable nowadays through IoT. Understanding the position of manual valves as part of maintenance is a case often referred to in the industry. In today’s industry, written procedures [read more]

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Aloxy applications

Manual valve positioning

Attach an Aloxy device to the hand wheel or valve lever to remotely monitor its position



Maintenance monitoring

Attach an Aloxy device to critical assets (e.g., valves) to monitor regular maintenance or turnaround progress

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Support for multiple wireless communication technologies allows connectivity in any location


A long-lasting battery with an autonomy of up to 5 years

Low power

End-to-end encryption, device authentication and access control


Measure environmental temperature, atmospheric pressure, vibrations, movement and orientation

Multiple sensors

Two multi-color LEDs and buttons allow interactivity with local operators


Monitor the location of the device in three dimensions (including height)

Geographic localization

Access the data through the Aloxy cloud platform or integrate directly with your systems

Cloud-based or integrated

The Aloxy technology

Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet of Things solutions tailored to the needs of the process and chemical industry. Our technology makes assets smart and allows to automate processes further and deliver actionable insights into industrial operations.
Aloxy’s initial solutions focus on manual valve monitoring, including the IIoT platform, the low power wireless network and the sensors to capture the data.

The Aloxy sensor is used to capture data from the field. This device consists of various inertial sensors to detect for instance environmental temperature and atmospheric pressure, vibrations & movement, inclination and rotation and magnetic fields.

The sensor communicates with the IIoT platform through a low power wireless network. For this network Aloxy can use different protocols such as LoRaWAN and DASH7.

The sensor to capture the valve data is a unique solution to monitor the position of manula valves. The sensor can be mounted to the valve without alterations to the valve or any unique brackets or customization and feeds back to open, closed and intermediate position in percentages. The device is battery operated using two replaceable batteries, allowing for an autonomy of up to 5 years depending on the use-case and usage.

The data can be accessed through the Aloxy cloud platform or directly integrated with local systems on-premise.

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