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Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet of Things solutions tailored to the needs of the chemical, oil and gas and other process industries. We have a range of sensors, gateways and middle ware to deliver reliable and accurate data.

Our first sensor to monitor manual valve position is an immediate success. The wireless sensor disrupts the market by making valve position indication on manual valves possible at low cost and with minimum efforts. Learn more on our application page.

Aloxy focusses on high-quality products, user friendly interfaces and easy integration.

Whether you are getting started with IoT or are looking for new applications to leverage your data, Aloxy is your IoT partner.

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"we thrive to have a range of sensors and applications developed to create high-performing manufacturing facilities where data is widely and easily available"

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What we do

The first application Aloxy developed is manual valve monitoring, which includes the IIoT Hub, the low power wireless network infrastructure as well as the sensors to capture the data. Our sensor is Atex and Class1 Div2 certified.

The IIoT Hub is developed to accurately determine the valve position based on the sensor data and can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. The Hub offers additional functionality to make sure the valve position data is reliable.

The sensor communicates with the IIoT Hub through a low-power wireless network. For this network Aloxy uses different protocols such as LoRaWAN or DASH7. There is no silver bullet technology, therefor depending on the application and site specifics, an analysis is done to select the proper network. Aloxy can provide dual modality gateways with specific unique capabilities to communicate LoRaWAN as well as DASH7 simultaneously. However, third party gateways can be used as well.

Aloxy focused to create an easy to install robust sensor for the chemical and oil and gas sector to be adapted to any valve. The sensor captures the valve movement and is a disruptive technology for manual valves to monitor the position (open, closed and intermediate positions). The sensor can be mounted to the valve without alterations to the valve or any unique brackets or customization.

More details on the Aloxy Valve monitoring sensor can be found here

Startup to scale up

Aloxy was founded in 2017 to leverage technology developed at IMEC and the University of Antwerp and build concrete solutions for the process industry. The company is growing fast and the current team consist of 17 people. The team has the characteristics of a typical startup, ambitious, flexible and creative however Aloxy is becoming a scale up as the technology has proven itself and the number of customers is growing rapidly.

Look at our vacancies to see whether you are the next addition to our team!

Aloxy is a fine balance of experience in Valve Maintenance, Process Safety and Efficiency and software development in an environment where new things are created with a young and dynamic team.

Aloxy is based in the Beacon in Antwerp, together with other startups creating an energetic atmosphere where new ideas come to life.

Founded by Industry Experts.

Maarten Weyn and Glenn Ergeerts (both founders of Aloxy) are co-writers of a whitepaper on the differences between LoRa Network protocols such as DASH7 and LoRaWAN

Meet Aloxy

Aloxy was founded by a business-driven team with strong technical knowhow and solid industrial experience

Frank Gielissen


Maarten Weyn


Glenn Ergeerts


Carl Stevens


Jan Coppens


Michael Mayer

Managing Director North America

Niels Heirman

Software Developer

Kwinten Schram

Software developer

Liam Oorts

Customer Success Manager

Dirk van Haerenborgh

Software Developer

Jolanta Tadla

Software Developer

Joseph Finnegan

Software Developer

Jeffrey Thijs

Software Developer

Pieter-Jan Lanneer

Software developer

Connor Johnson

VP of Business Development

Adelina Soiu

Office Manager

Andres Nagels

Outside Sales Manager Europe

Augustyna Ptak

Product manager

Shwetank Pandey

Customer Success Manager

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As a fast growing startup, Aloxy is always looking for talent.

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Headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium and Austin, Texas, US.
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