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At Aloxy, we want to support our customers to create the best possible IIoT experience with our cutting-edge sensors and software solutions. We are dedicated to resolving any issues or concerns our valued customers may encounter quickly and efficiently. To streamline the support process, we have implemented a user-friendly ticketing system that puts our customers' needs at the forefront.

 Our support system allows any customer to reach out to us with any hard- or software-related issue. By simply surfing to, you can create an account which gives access to your personal support environment.  
Fill in the form with a brief description of the issue or request, to initiate direct contact with our service desk team.  Once submitted, each customer's issue will be registered as a ticket, identified with a specific number for easy tracking and reference.  

In this portal the progress of each ticket is tracked, and an overview of closed tickets is available as well for your reference.

With this ticketing system, we ensure that every customer receives dedicated assistance from our support team. By assigning a unique ticket number, we maintain a comprehensive overview of every issue reported, enabling us to efficiently address and resolve issues in a timely manner and gain insights on how we can continuously improve our products and services.  

Contact us through Aloxy’s Support portal at to make sure we capture any issue you may encounter with our hardware and software solutions. We are here to provide support and ensure your journey with Aloxy is seamless.  The Aloxy customer support team

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