IIoT Hub.

How does the IIoT Hub add value?

The Aloxy IIoT Hub is an essential part of the valve monitoring solution provided by Aloxy. The IIoT Hub is hosted in the cloud (public or private) and is required to further process the sensor data to accurately determine the valve positions and indicate to the customer system whether the sensor data is trustworthy!

An LPWAN network is asynchronous which is less complex but is not able to give hard real-time or throughput guarantees.

This is where the IIoT Hub adds value, the IIoT Hub has additional functionality that is critical for some applications. Valve positioning is often event based and real-time, not just trend monitoring such as many other IoT applications. Therefore, it is important to monitor the sensor behavior and its health to guarantee its ability to act upon the next event. Besides valve positions, the system must also know if the network is reliable and how it can be optimized.

To accomplish this, the IIoT Hub is used for network monitoring, data integrity, battery lifetime monitoring and optimization, and device management.

IIoT Hub Datasheet

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Your data is our priority.

The Aloxy IIoT Hub optimizes the lifetime value of IIoT. It is developed to gather reliable, high-quality data from your facilities on scale.

Data integrity

Data quality

Scalable architecture

Device management

Manages all connected devices, including their commissioning and configuration, perform OTA firmware updates, monitor and tune device operation

Device management

Network monitoring

Monitors and configures the wireless network by means of an integrated or external third party LoRaWAN network server and alerts when quality drops or signal is lost.

Network monitoring

Data integrity

Payload normalization, digital twin, identity and access management, data consistency checks, Battery lifetime prediction, abnormal behaviour, ...

Data integrity

Stand-alone or integrated.

The Aloxy IIoT Hub can be used as a stand-alone management platform or integrated with any customer system.

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Open Source.

The platform is built on open source components offering transparency, active community support and avoid vendor lock-in.

It offers an open and documented API to interface with external systems (HTTP, Kafka, MQTT, AMQP, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, ...)


Deploys on Kubernetes in a public cloud, private cloud or fully on - premise while offering scalability, redundancy, data isolation and disaster recovery

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