Manual Valve Position Sensor

The #1 valve monitoring sensor in the market! Aloxy uses motion technology to identify the position of manual valves, this disruptive technology results in a low-cost solution that is easy to implement.  Aloxy valve monitoring solution is built up in three parts, the Aloxy IIOT hub, the Wireless communication infrastructure, and the Aloxy Pulse sensor.

The Aloxy Valve monitoring sensor has three different inertial MEMS sensors that capture the valve movement data during operation of the hand wheel or lever. As a result, the sensor can be mounted to the valve without alterations to the valve or the need for unique mounting brackets.

The sensor communicates the raw data over a low power wireless network. For this network, Aloxy can use different protocols such as LoRaWAN and DASH7. There is no silver bullet technology, depending on the application and site requirements a different solution might be preferred.

The Aloxy IIOT Hub processes this data and provides an accurate open / close or intermediate position calculation. It is hosted in the public or private cloud and is used for device management as well as network and sensor monitoring.

Valve Postion Solution Overview

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The Aloxy sensor can be placed on any type and size of valve without customized mounting brackets

The industry challenge.

Wrong valve positions are risky.

Incidents and accidents

Process downtime and production loss

Environmental spills

How does it work?

The Aloxy valve monitoring sensor is a disruptive technology using different inertial sensors to collect raw data, a patent pending algorithm is implemented to translate this into an accurate valve position signal.

The use of this unique methodology provides unique advantages when applying the sensor on a valve resulting in a unique low-cost solution to get accurate wireless manual valve position feedback.

Valve Postion Solution Overview

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Easy Mounting

The sensor can be mounted anywhere on the moving part (hand-wheel or lever) of the valve. This creates enormous flexibility in mounting and does not require you to measure the valve dimensions upfront or build customized brackets reducing installation cost significantly.

Universal mounting

Plug and play

Once the sensor is installed it can be easily calibrated in either the open or the closed position by using the sensors push buttons. Once calibrated in its current position, it is not required to operate the valve to finalize the installation. In case the valve cannot be operated, the opposite position is automatically calibrated after the first full operation.


Intermediate position indication

The Aloxy solution provides open, closed and intermediate valve position feedback in a percentage of open. This also creates additional data in your valve operations and valve behavior. When a valve is only 98% closed or 102% closed, this can give additional insights in wear and tear of your valves.


Easy configuration

The Aloxy sensor can be configured using a mobile phone app (Android) over NFC. The main functionality is to update firmware and calibrate remotely.

Valve Position Sensor Universal Mounting brackets

Sensors need to be installed firm and tightly in order to correctly capture the position of the valves.Our universal brackets are crafted with precision to ensure a perfect fit for your manual valve position sensors, enhancing their accuracy and reliability. 

Easy installation

Installing the sensors with our brackets is a breeze, saving you time and effort during setup.

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A typical chemical or oil & gas company has various use cases for manual valve positioning that can be made economical viable nowadays through IoT. In general, the IT and OT systems remain clearly separated and the valve position information generated is strictly used for IT.


The Aloxy Pulse complies with the essential safety requirements of the European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and the US / Canada FM certification Class1 Div2

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The real time position of many manual valves in often unknown and can only be identified by walking the line and visually recording the position to confirm the line up is done correctly.

Having the correct valve position available in real time increases safety, reliability and efficiency

Additionally, logging the manual valve operations generates additional understanding of manual valve operations, creating additional insights that contribute to increase efficiency in plant operation The current sensor can also be attached to critical assets (e.g., valves) to monitor regular maintenance or turnaround progress and track the location of the asset. This can be used to create real time progress and analyse turn arounds to increase efficiency.

Valve Postion Solution Overview

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Increase efficiency

Going outside to check the position of manual valves is very time consuming


Increase reliability

Visual checks remain vulnerable to human error and negligence


Increase safety

No visual checks are required and as a result less personnel is exposed to danger unnecessary


Industry 4.0

Value proposition valve position monitoring

Reduce O&M cost

Less labour cost to verify valve position

Reduce downtime

Less unplanned downtime due to incidents related to misaligned manual valves

Health monitoring of manual valves

Gain efficiency

Less time spend on valve position verification

Real time alarm in case of wrong valve operation

Increase data analytics

Reduce risk

Less people out in the field exposed to danger and other occupational hazards

Reduce human error

Reduction in accidents caused by human error

Adds a digital safety layer to verify valve positions

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