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Considerations for low-power communication in industrial IOT applications whitepaper

Two of the original founders of Aloxy, Glenn Ergeerts and Prof. dr. Maarten Weyn were part of a team to write a whitepaper on the considerations for low-power communication in industrial IOT applications.

This whitepaper looks at different LPWAN technologies such as LoRaWAN and DASH7 protocols.

As always, there is no silver bullet technology, and this is certainly true in industrial IoT. In this white whitepaper they look into different application trade-offs and the underlying aspects responsible for these limitations. For instance, for meter reading type of applications (a reading being taken every hour) it might be acceptable to miss some messages, but other industrial use cases require better reliability, especially for control systems or safety related use cases. In addition to reliability, aspects like latency, scalability, bidirectional communication, multi-cast communication and legislation are also explored. LoRaWAN and the DASH7 Alliance Protocol mainly in industrial IoT use cases will be compared.

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