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The Aloxy sensors are a game changer in many ways. For one it is a LPWAN sensor that can be used in explosion proof areas. It is Atex and FM approved. LPWAN wireless protocols such as LoRaWAN and DASH7 are gaining popularity in the Oil& Gas and Chemical industry however the availability of Ex sensors is still scarce.

The Aloxy pulse is a versatile sensor that can be used for different applications like valve position monitoring, emergency shower and manhole cover. Many of these applications are “not connected” today and adding the Aloxy sensor increases insights and provides enormous safety and efficiency gains.

A real game changer however is the price point to connect assets like manual valves. The need to capture more operational data has always been around, however, the technology did not allow for a cost-effective solution and hence only the most critical applications were provided for. With LPWAN protocols, the sensor is low power and comes with a relatively small battery reducing costs significantly. The long range of LPWAN makes it possible to cover wide areas and reduce infrastructure cost as well. This network can be used for other sensor applications creating even more future benefits. According to customer feedback the total cost of installation is five and sometimes even ten times less compared to traditional technologies.



The Aloxy sensors are ideal to connect the “not connected” assets and generate additional datapoints at low cost. Whereas current sensors are connected to RTU’s and field communications to SCADA systems, IoT sensors can be directly connected to the data storage system, bypassing the complexity of this traditional infrastructure. If needed, this data can be fed back to the layers below for visualization in the SCADA system.


Finally, the Aloxy sensor for manual valves needs no upfront valve measurements, valve specific data or customized brackets. Its unique capability to determine the valve position as a percentage of open (e.g., 30% open) based on the motion of the handwheel or lever reduces the installation cost significantly. With its integrated mounting plate and less than 5 minutes to install and calibrate a single sensor, it is really plug and play.

Aloxy pulse on Ball Valve, Gearbox, Gate valve