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Our congratulations go to Joshua Ben Knobloch, Felix Simon Schuster, Jana Pollakowski, Steffen Voges and Eric Hopfinger from BASF! On June 30, 2022, the team received the "BASF Sicherheitmacher Team Award 2022" for their project "Monitoring of emergencies and eye showers with innovative position sensors". According to BASF, the team secured victory with a great team effort and pioneering spirit: The Aloxy position sensor can be used at all BASF sites with a LoRaWAN network and can also be used on manual valves in the production environment as a cost-effective alternative to classic wired limit switches.

The award is an internal BASF initiative held every year as part of the Safety Days inLudwigshafen and honors creative projects related to safety. The BASF team has been working closely with Aloxy on different applications for both Eyewashes and valve position monitoring from the start of Aloxy. We are proud to see our sensor being rolled out at BASF Ludwigshaven and other BASF sites world wide and will continue our corporation to identify new application and develop new sensors as well.

The Aloxy sensor is a versatile explosion proof IoT sensor communicating over a wireless LoRaWAN network. The sensor is unique in a way that it does not need any customized brackets or reference points on the valve to correctly monitor the valve position. It is a plug and play solution to be used on all types of valves, eyewashes and emergency showers.

Reference: Original BASF Post