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Aloxy is nominated for Startup company of the year

Aloxy is nominated for Belgium startup of the year by Data News, a ICT publication and platform in Belgium.

Each year Data News, the reference ICT publication and platform in Belgium, organizes the Data News Awards for Excellence. This event has the intent to reward the ICT companies for the best products and services. It has become a prestigious high quality event which is well recognized in the entire Belgian ICT community.

Aloxy is nominated in the category “Belgium startup of the year“, and is proud to be nominated, it reinforces the overall belief of the team that we are doing the right things. Aloxy is getting traction under challenging circumstances. The Chemical and Oil & Gas markets are known to be conservative and have very strict safety regulations that impact the design and time to market. These markets are also global markets so getting approved and certified in different parts of the world is another challenge. The technology that Aloxy is using for the valve monitoring application is new and disruptive, meaning that on one hand a lot of time and energy is put into development and on the other end marketing and getting the technology accepted are major focal areas.

With several successful pilots and customers scaling up, we are confident to grow the business further, even during COVID-19 a new hire was welcomed and we expect the grow the team further in next few months.

This nomination is already great and we wish all nominees good luck in becoming startup company of the year.

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