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AloxyIIoT platform‍

The Aloxy IndustrialIoT platformis anessential part of the solutionsprovided by Aloxy.The IIoT platform is hosted in thecloud or on premise and requiredto furtherprocess thesensor  data.  This  might  be  required to  accurately  determine  the  valve  position  or  tonormalize  data  from  different  sensors. The  platform  is  used  for  device management,network monitoring, dataintegrity and battery lifetimeoptimization.

The Aloxy IoT platform can be used as a stand-alone management platform or integrated with any customer system.

Device management

Manages all connected devices, including their commissioning and configuration, perform OTA firmware updates, monitor and tune device operation

Network monitoring

Monitors and configures the wireless network by means of an embedded or external LoRaWAN network server and alerts when quality drops

Data integrity

Payload normalization, digital twin, identity and access management, data consistency checks, …

Open source

Built on open source components offering transparency, active community support and avoid vendor lock-in

Easy integration

Offers an open and documented API to interface with external systems (HTTP, Kafka, MQTT, AMQP, MODBUS, PROFIBUS, …)

Containerized framework

Deploys on Kubernetes in a public cloud, private cloud or fully on - premise while offering scalability, redundancy, data isolation and disaster recovery