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Aloxy Expands Presence with New RF Certifications in North and South America

Aloxy Expands Presence with New RF Certifications in North and South America

Aloxy has achieved significant milestones in recent months, focusing on obtaining Radio Frequency (RF) certifications to extend the availability of their Manual Valve Position sensor. This expansion encompasses key countries in North and South America, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago(T&T), and Uruguay.

Additionally, in Brazil, Aloxy has obtained Ex (Inmetro) certification alongside the requisite RF certification from Anatel. The Aloxy valve position sensor operates on LoRaWAN within the 902 - 925 MHz open band in these regions, requiring additional certifications depending on the country for operating on this band. LoRaWAN communication can be established through private or publicLoRaWAN networks, providing ease of implementation in existing brownfield installations.

The success experienced with European and U.S. customers has propelled Aloxy's expansion into North and South America. Interest from both European and U.S.customers with significant operations in the region has led to the initiation of obtaining the required certifications to introduce our valve position solution to local sites.

In addition to strengthening ties with existing customers, this expansion opens new opportunities for collaboration with local companies in the respective countries. Preliminary discussions have already taken place with industry giants such as Petrobras and Pemex.

The initial batch of sensors has been successfully delivered, marking a crucial milestone for Aloxy. Looking ahead, our commitment to expansion continues, with plans to acquire area-specific certifications in Asia and Africa, further solidifying our global presence.