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Aloxy engages in an industrial research & development project with VOVCSens

Aloxy and VOCSens are engaging in a joint development project, supported by BEL-SME, VLAIO and SPW.

Aloxy and VOCSens are granted a subsidy by respectively VLAIO and SPW for a BEL-SME development project.

VLAIO (Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship) is the contact point for entrepreneurs in Flanders. They encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to a favorable business climate.

SPW is the department of research and technological development in Wallonia. They manage the aid mechanisms for applied research and technological innovation in favor of companies, universities, universities, public research organizations and approved research centers.

BEL-SME is a program for transregional development projects supporting companies in their own region to promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

VOCSens, based in Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve is a spin-off from the Sensors, Microsystems and Actuators Laboratory of Louvain (SMALL) research group, within the Electrical Engineering Department (ELEN), Institute of Information and Communication Technologies, Electronics and Applied Mathematics (ICTEAM). VOCSens develops ultra-low-power multi-pixel CMOS gas microsensors dedicated to selective gases and volatile compounds detection specifically to be used in an industrial Internet of Things solutions (IIoT) application.

"Aloxy experience in Industrial IoT sensor deployment within ATEX environment will generate a deep synergy with VOCSens products, bringing our nanotech-based gas sensing solutions into demanding markets where ultra-low power consumption and miniaturization, along with high valuable discriminated and reliable data, are essential." - Thomas Walewyns, CEO VOCSens

Aloxy, based in Antwerp is a spin-off of IMEC and the University of Antwerp, Aloxy offers reliable industrial Internet of Things solutions tailored to the needs of the chemical, oil and gas and other process industries. They focus on an end to end solution including IIoT HUB and different LPWAN protocol alternatives. Their technology makes assets smart and allows to automate processes further and deliver actionable insights into industrial operations.

"Aloxy is continuously listening to the market what type of additional data could add value to their business and VOC sensing will be a great addition to our portfolio. VOCSens is delivering high end technology to measure gas and that capability will allow us to jointly develop another unique ATEX sensor that can be used by our customers within their existing IIoT infrastructure." - Jan Coppens, CEO Aloxy

The joint development project consists of different aspects to create an IIoT ATEX VOC sensor that uses both LoRaWAN and DASH7 wireless communication protocols. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and a variety of gases can be measured such as H2S, CH4, BTEX, etc. The project will run for 24 months.

The market feedback obtained so far is positive as such Atex device is currently not available for LPWAN and it has potential to create additional insights at low cost as part of an IIoT infrastructure. Various multinationals have expressed interest and have committed to test and provide feedback during the development stage. A MVP (Minimal Viable Product) as part of this industrial research & development project is expected to be available within 3-6 months.