Line Blinds.

Safeguard your line blinds

Line blinds are an important aspect of isolation procedures, often used during maintenance or turnarounds. A line blind is often placed temporarily however of vital important to secure a safe working environment.  The Aloxy Line Blind Monitoring solution provides insights whether the line blind is still present and creates an alert when the line blind in removed. This can be used to guarantee the line blind is in during the maintenance period.  The Aloxy Line blind monitoring solution is built up in three parts, the Aloxy IIOT hub, the Wireless communication infrastructure, and the Aloxy Pulse sensor. The sensor communicates over a low power wireless network. For this network, Aloxy can use different protocols such as LoRaWAN and DASH7. There is no silver bullet technology, depending on the application and site requirements a different solution might be preferred. Aloxy can provide gateways with specific unique capabilities to communicate LoRaWAN as well as DASH7 simultaneously. However, third party gateways can be used as well.

The Aloxy IIOT Hub is hosted in the public or private cloud and is required to create the alert based on the sensor data.

The industry challenge.

Not connected Line Blinds introduce unnecessary risk.

Unauthorized removal

Accidental removal

Failure to remove

How does it work?

The Aloxy line blind solution is a disruptive technology using different inertial sensors to collect raw data, a patent pending algorithm is implemented to translate this into an accurate movement alert.

The use of this unique methodology provides unique advantages when applying the sensor on line blinds resulting in a unique low-cost solution to get accurate wireless insights into the line blind movements. When installed, the sensor is calibrated to identify the position of the line blind and creates an alert when the sensor or the line blend (including sensor) is removed. Once the alert is activated the calibration file is deleted to make sure the line blind or sensor cannot be reinstated after a movement.

Product Datasheet

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Easy Mounting

The sensor can be easily strapped on to any line blind. This way the sensor can be used temporarily and be easily re-used on new line blind placements.

Universal mounting

Plug and play

Once the sensor is installed it can be easily calibrated in the closed and open position by using the sensor push buttons.



The Aloxy Pulse complies with the essential safety requirements of the European ATEX Directive and US Class1 Div 2 certification

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In case a line blind is not connected, the fact whether the line blind is still in its place is often unknown.

Having the real time assurance that the line blind has not been removed increases safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Unauthorized removal

When a line blind is removed without authorization it could indicate the work was not yet finalized and workers are at great risk when the work is continued.


Accidental removal

Human error attributes to more than 70% of accidents in the O&G industry. Line blind are not permanently installed and could be confusing to the operator to remove the correct blind, a mistake is easily made.


Forget to remove

Line blind are not always easy to spot and could be overlooked when the work is done. As a result, pressure build up might occur during startup with potential catastrophic consequences.  


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