Manual Valve Position Indication

The Aloxy valve monitoring solution is built up in three parts, the IIOT platform, the communication infrastructure and the Aloxy Pulse sensors.

the IIOT platform is hosted in the cloud or on premise and is required to accurately determine the valve positions based on the sensor data. The platform is used for device management, network monitoring, data integrity and battery life time optimization.

The sensor communicates with the IIOT platform through a low power wireless network. For this network, Aloxy can use different protocols such as LoRaWAN and DASH7. There is no silver bullet technology, therefor depending on the application and site specifics an analysis is done to select the proper network technology. Aloxy can provide gateways with specific unique capabilities to communicate LoRaWAN as well as DASH7 simultaneously. However third party gateways can be used as well.

The Aloxy Pulse sensor to capture the valve data is a unique solution for manual valves to monitor the position, location, temperature and vibration for all types of manual valves. The sensor can be mounted to the valve without alterations to the valve or the need for unique mounting brackets.


Why valve position monitoring?

The real time position of many manual valves in often unknown and can only be identified by walking the line and visually recording the position to confirm the line up is done correctly.

Having the correct valve position available in real time increases safety, reliability and efficiency

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Increase efficiency

Going outside to check the position of manual valves is very time consuming

human error
Increase safety

No visual checks are required and as a result less personell is exposed to danger unnecessary

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Increase reliability

Visual checks remain vulnarable to human error and negligence

Additionally, logging the manual valve operations generates additional understanding of manual valve operations, creating additional insights that contribute to increase efficiency in plant operation The current sensor can also be attached to critical assets (e.g., valves) to monitor regular maintenance or turnaround progress and track the location of the asset. This can be used to create real time progress and analyse turn arounds to increase efficiency.

Use cases: valve position monitoring

Use-case: Maintenance, valve position monitoring

Use-case: Tank storage, valve line up


Use-case: Pressure relief valves


Use-case: Emergency showers

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